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He had changed since my last edition. I had not mentioned what I saw the night that Jon Karen state more. I did not know how to handle it, I felt anger, I felt cheated, even though there were many a straw in secret, remembering what I see beyond. Life, as it was before this episode. Karen came home from work to say that her mother ( Sue) had called to say that electricity did'nt work on your extension and I had the opportunity to take a look. Sue had recently returned from his third man had split and depends entirely on us recently. Sue is nothing special in the search for late 40 ( I say quite a nice pair of tits! ) Only typical MIL. , once at the beginning of our advertising, Karen had asked me to power pop, Dave House Sue, her cat, as they had dianamovies gone. I must admit I'm a little sneak into the empty house and found a cassette (which is the time it was!) Hidden in a drawer bed. Gob fascinated, I put the cassette in the recorder in the bedroom and was - smackd to see there was a blue movie theater ! Sue turned rams four fingers into her pussy while sucking (massive) Dave cock! Palpitation of the heart that could be captured at any time, I was lying in bed and had one of the best I've had jerk ! But that was dianamovies long ago, and since Dave was angry. In any case, we Sue and I dianamovies tinker around with different fuse boxes to try to locate the problem. Sue had another dianamovies daughter, Julie, were present dianamovies dianamovies in the home of the University and the girls on the way downstairs flattery. ' We are right in the city,' Karen shouted down the stairs ', dianamovies later ' I heard the door close and saw Karen, Julie Sue Sue rising in the car and leave. Once they were gone,bang! came to power. Great, I thought, here dianamovies I am now firmly until they returned. curiosity, I put my head dianamovies in several rooms of the house. Julie room was a complete disaster, clothes all over the world, dvd cases scattered everywhere, not made bed. ' typical student ' I mutsocial views of the mountains of dirty underwear in the corner reveals a vision of his drawer a huge black dildo. I quickly stirring Hahn left his room, his heart pounding. I jumped out of my skin at the sound of an alarm clock screaming through the house, who had just returned to the supply of electric power was a clock on the spot, I followed the noise in the room of Sue. His room was worse than Julie! I got to bed to turn off the clock. Among the cabinet beside the bed and I noticed something on the floor. I took a women's magazine, and donkey ears. Had obviously can sue for a while. That was always dianamovies open to a particular history, bent over the pages, etc. I read two pages, there was a story about a woman who fantasized about the situations of rape, violence, but the set of roles between her and her partner. Sue had apparently dropped this story. Another meeting was snooping a field within a dildo and do not command your rabbit rampant, saw this old-fashioned, vAryan different bosses in the table, there was even a power supply! Hold my nose I could smell the unmistakable smell rancid cunt. I even saw a hair on the head of a ' dirty scum ' I thought! with that, I heard the approach of a car motor home. He quickly returned to the kitchen and began to wash their hands. The door opened, but only Sue writes, 'Hi Alan,' she said, 'It is ordered? ' ' Yes ' I replied. said she would invite us to dinner at the bar as a thank you, she had already left the girls are there, and went home for a quick shower and came to pick me up. ' a beer' he said, ' will not be long ' with which he entered the downstairs bathroom. After about ten minutes I was dressed in her bathrobe, fast drying hair 'I heard that Jon came to see you both,' he said. Jon, this bastard wine, all the memories. a mixture of feelings, anger, emotion, jealousy. 'Karen said she had a beautiful night, a very funny Jon.. . ' He said break something, I became angry :' Yes, 'I said, ' that had a great time.. 'I went to Sue, who had his back to me. ' I woke up at night and saw her swallow his cum.. 'I have announced, Sue felt the breath at the bottom of his neck, as I said, I gently put my hands on her shoulders dianamovies and said :'. I saw him turn around.. so 'that began to lean on the counter, said not a word, and there was no resistance on her part. I put my hand under her dress and began to climb up to the waist. ' Oh Alan.. 'They murmered ' no... 'I put my knee dianamovies between her legs, creating an opening,' but what is not? 'I asked, louder now. ' No..... that 'dares to stop, she sighed that lent a hand down, I thought he was destined to beat me in the crotch, but went straight to her pussy. She became extremely, ' Fuck me hard, 'announced that with that there and then work on top ass. I tore the bandage to gown and grabbed roughly at her breasts. ' That's all you dirty bastard,' she cooked. I had never felt so strong. Hit me back and forth, gently, do not make love like Karen, this was just rough sex with a slag that I cared about nothing. I felt my balls twitch and I shot my load. ' Is that it? ' Sarcastically asked Sue, who crashed his fist to the open wound, 'the dirtiest cunt.. ' she ordered. I never thought that Sue was like that! Remove your hand, I thought, shit, on a dime.... I pushed a finger in the ass. ' Ooohh,' he sighed, he had not expected that she flexed her ass muscles around my finger, I dianamovies do not move ! I then relaxed and dianamovies insertrd others. I built a steady pace, the thoughts of Karen and Jon fills my head, replacing the finger with my cock hard again now. I hit him, ' do u want me to stop.. ? ' I cried, 'No,' he gasped. Then the two runs and pulled me out. We looked at each demand frilly dress, hanging titsNipples as nails 6 inch, cum glistening on her thighs. After an eternity, Sue said : 'I hope Karen fucks your friends... if you work in you,' I smiled and ordered and got into the car. They can reach the bar Karen saw Julie sitting in the beer garden, I felt a twinge of guilt for what he had done, I felt revenge! 'One of them, all of a bitch', I thought, Karen smiled, then looked at Julie.........
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